While away on honeymoon I was fortunate enough to visit Koh Phangan island in Thailand, home of the Full Moon Beach party every month. This place has become quite famous for the party, and people from all over the world attend it. We weren’t there during the right part of the month so I didn’t get to experience it, but I did get to see the beach and do a bit a shopping! YAY for me!

I had more fun than I was thinking I would carousing around that shop, checking out the 7/11 gear, the Pepsi twist shirts, the Psy apparel, and all the other super-colorful items for sale. I met the owner of the shop, a lovely young woman, perhaps in her early thirties and she seemed really nice and a bit surprised I was so interested in her 80s-styled clothing. A walk down memory lane is fun for all of us every now and again.

So, we found this neat little shop right by the beach that was selling nearly every type of t-shirt one could hope for and imagine if they were shopping for some full moon gear. Multi-colored shirts, sunglasses, all kinds of neon garb straight out of the 1980s and 90s via Florida or California, hot pants, wind breaker hot pants, sweat bands, extra larger bikinis, cowboy hats with mushrooms painted on them, and jelly bracelets!

What I found interesting (but not surprising I suppose) was the amount of Gangnam Style t-shirts this place was selling. Obviously Psy is super famous, possibly the most famous of Koreans around the world at this point. He has done well for himself from that video alone, and plenty of YouTube videos were made with people proudly demonstrating their ability to dance like a horse. Now the Full Moon Beach area is cashing in on Psy with all sorts of shirts for sale. Oppa Full Moon Party style!!!