Prior to going on our (second!) honeymoon, I had a conversation with hubby that went something like this:

Me: I want to get my hair cut before going to Thailand.

Rick: Why don’t you consider getting it cut in Thailand?

Me: I’m afraid I won’t get the cut I want because I won’t be able to speak Thai language and explain it properly to the hairdresser.

Rick: Isn’t that the same problem you have in Korea?

And on and on it went for awhile before he finally convinced me that, for a fraction of the price, I could get the exact same thing I get in Korea. So, I decided to be adventurous.

We agreed that we would look for a place to have this done in Krabi, which happened to be our second stop in Thailand after Koh Lanta. The first full day in Krabi we woke up, showered, and went out to grab some food. After that we scooted (that’s right we scooted! Haha) around the village of Ao Nang looking for a decent place to possibly have the hair cuts. And we found one!

After some basic miscommunication (mostly because of me because don’t speak Thai at all), we settled the price and I was quickly being whisked away towards the back of the salon where they wash your hair prior to getting it cut.

After a lovely wash and massage (YAY for haircut massages!!!) I was showing the lady who was to cut my hair (the owner) what I wanted from a portfolio-type booklet that was quite old and filled to the brim with photo examples. What struck me at this point was how many photos of Korean women she had in the booklet. Being Korean is a hot item these days, and apparently even years ago.

She and I chatted while she cut my hair, and that was fun. She told me about the types of people that frequent her shop, and how they have Korean dramas on the channel 20 or her TV. I found out she actually watches Korean dramas, and knew Lee Min Ho! But then why should any of us be surprised by that?

I was happy with the way my hair turned out, and I would recommend her shop to anyone. Drop me a line if you’re headed to Thailand and need a style or trim haha.