I never thought I would actually live to see the day this drama was made. My Pig Lady ended up doing what a lot of Taiwanese dramas have done in the past: Get stuck in drama limbo for years.

It’s something that’s so prevalent in Asian dramas that in some cases, they’ve actually made dramas about this issue in dramas. I think the Korean drama ‘King of Dramas’ and ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’ are good examples.

So yeah, this one ended up in limbo for so long that I thought they would never finish it and put it out.

What they ended up doing was putting all the episodes out in a little over a week. Talk about a forced dramathon. I can’t imagine being in Taiwan, waiting for it to come out, and then realize I had to watch the whole thing and do nothing else for an entire week. That’s actually one of the perks about watching Asian dramas the way we do: we can watch them on demand.

And.. now that it is on, my demand is high. Thank goodness for summers!! Fighting!

It’s starting off as a pretty classic love story, and I look forward to how it will evolve.

There we go. Happy Drama Watching! ☺

And then there’s the #smexy Fated to Love You Taiwanese drama turned Korean drama:

  • Karen Shortell

    What site can I find this on in the states?

    • Heather Warren

      Viki has a fan channel that has a few episodes up.

      • Karen Shortell

        thank you, Heather. I found it!!!!!!!!