IMG_3039 copy“Goodnight Moon”

Abstract Acrylic on Canvas – Summer 2014

This was one of my first paintings for the summer and I had a lot of fun making it for two reasons: I used glow-in-the-dark paint, and I created it using finger-painting techniques.  There’s something to working with new paint and truly getting my fingers into it that just really opens up the spirit of creativity and allows for paintings to emerge.  This was completely unplanned in what was going to be created but just came to be as I started painting.  And yes, it does glow-in-the-dark.


This artwork is a one of a kind piece hand painted by Stephanie Ishler of Hallyu Back. All artwork is for sale unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in purchasing this original painting, contact us here!

  • LoonyLizard

    This reminds a bit of van Gogh’s “A Starry Night.” Would probably look great next to an oil print of it.

    • hallyuback

      OMG! I know I loved it, but thanks for the high praise! ^^