Going to the DMZ to look at North Korea is a MUST DO day trip for all visitors to South Korea.. in our humble opinions. There are several tour companies that provide this service to and from the DMZ area, and from Seoul by bus it take only about an hour to get there.

For anyone not familiar with what is the DMZ in Korea exactly, it’s the border between North and South Korea. It’s also known as the 38th parallel and pretty much cuts right through the center of the Korean peninsula. There is a four kilometer buffer zone between the two countries so even when you visit it’s hard to see into N. Korea unless you have binoculars and really good vision. And, the DMZ is about 40 Kilometers from the center of Seoul. (29 miles) That’s pretty darn close if you ask me.

There’s a bunch more information here if you’re interested.

This trip to the DMZ is a first for me. Richard on the other hand has been there twice: Once to this same area as in the video, and another time to the most northeastern point in South Korea right along the border. He went there with his mother in 2009 when she visited us in Korea. The area in the NE where they went is normally only accessible by car or automobile.

All that being said, the video we made is a fun one! It was raining pretty much the whole day so I got to use the yellow umbrella! That’s ALWAYS a good thing! And, I also got to investigate up close one of the tunnels that the North Koreans dug to try and get to South Korea underground. Spooky stuff. It was wet, dripping and really dark and slippery.

Another reason we decided to go finally was because out entire crew from the YTMAs (YouTube Music Awards) was going, and we knew it would be fun to go with a bunch of new friends who still weren’t that familiar with Korea. So, you’ll see them skattered about the video, including Callux who banged his head on the roof of the tunnel, which we caught on film. Fun times!!

This video was fun to make and if you liked it let us know! We are always curious what you guys like to watch from us and what we should make in the future. Drop a note in the comments here or write a comment on YouTube. We try to read them all! ☺ Love you guys! See ya!!!

  • Arsen Igityan

    You are my favorite couple in the planet along with Brangelina. 😀 LOL
    The video was fun! I hope the day will come when people of North would get access to normal human life :)

    • hallyuback

      You are way too kind, holy flattered and a half! We do like them too! Do you think you’ll ever come to Korea? ^^

      • Arsen Igityan

        Well I hope that’ll happen one day. What can be better than traveling. Besides, I’ve always had a secret crash on Asian people ^^
        But wait, isn’t it 4am Saturday there?? Do you sleep at nights? :O