Pizza in Korea has come a long way. Pizza Hut for instance is still inventing new concoctions from recipes Americans might surely balk at. When we first came to Korea, decent tasting pizza was 15000-20000 Won for a large 1-2 topping, and came with corn on it. More recently, we can find pizza for under 10000 Won with no corn, and it tastes pretty darn good. About 2 years ago, Sammy opened a pizza shop in our neighborhood and we’ve been patronizing his restaurant ever since. It’s only a take out place, and the pizza he makes for the price simply can’t be beat. In the video, for the 2 pizzas we purchased we paid 16,800 won total, reasonable for 2 large pizzas. What pizza would you like us to order next?

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  • imfaerae

    Corn on pizza? How funny. It might not be bad… hahaha…