In case you didn’t know, Healer is a drama that came out in the end of 2014 that totally caught some of us by surprise with just how good it is! I started watching a few episodes this evening (finally!) and while I’m not quite up to episode 8 (which is when this kissing scene happens) I decided to spoil it for myself because I love their chemistry! Expect a proper review in a day or two you guyz!! :)

Have you guyz been watching this one? What do you think of it?

Recent Video – Love Myself or You Taiwanese Drama Kiss

  • Teru Chan

    So glad you’re also jumping on the Healer train with the rest of us 😀 I’m loving this drama so much!!

    • hallyuback

      So glad ya’ll recommended it to me or I would have totally missed out on a great drama!

  • mary

    It was very cute :); as her eyes were covered by the hat at least we didn’t get to see that stereotype “surprised look” that we see in k-dramas. Also Ji Chang Wook does a good job of portraying 2 characters: the silly and shy Park Bong Soo and the smexy Healer. I like his acting and their chemestry is good. Hope to see more action in the following episodes!

    • hallyuback

      I know right?!?! Love that I didn’t have to see the surprised look. It’s not my least favorite kdrama cliche but it’s up there!

  • Candy White Andley

    What do you think about the bed scene? I was hopping to find something in your blog