So I tweeted the other night that I was going to finish this drama, and I haven’t gotten around to watching the last episode yet because I’ve been too tired. That being said, I’m saving it for a special occasion that will probably occurring sometime within the next 48 hours. Preferrably when I can sit down with a glass of wine and some chocolate. ☺

As my first Asian drama guy crush (MatsuJun), this drama has been extremely awesome and memorable in many ways. With Hallyu Back, I don’t end up watching as many Jdramas as I would like to, or as many as I did before I started reviewing dramas. This happens because Kdramas are the most preferred at the moment, and frankly I can’t blame you, especially with as many detective dramas that have been coming out of Japan recently.

I knew I wanted to watch this one and it has completely blown me away. Not with the amazing storyline (though it’s not THAT bad), but with delicious looking chocolate, gorgeous female leads, MatsuJun’s fantastic smile and some pretty freaking smexy kisses and a half. I know a lot of people who watched the I Need Romance series for good kissing scenes, but they don’t have anything on this Heartbroken Chocolatier.

If you have a request you’d like me to review on Tumblr or on the web, drop on note in the comments below! ☺

  • Melinda Lipinski

    i didnt like Saeko at all either..i wanted her to just go away the entire time

    • hallyuback

      It was so frustrating too because I really like her as an actress.

      • Melinda Lipinski

        i think that is a good indicator of how good an actress she is..i dont think we were supposed to even feel a bit sorry for her character until the end of the drama..and she accomplished that

  • Hong Ngoc Nguyen

    Love the fact that we just sit here fangirling over the kisses in these dramaes :3

    • hallyuback

      The producers sure do know how to win us over apparently! ^^