If you are taking part of your summer break to come to Korea or just want to know a bit more about some of the neighborhoods to hang out in Korea, then I seriously recommend Myeongdong. It’s actually right in the heart of Seoul, and only 2 stops away from Seoul Station (on the light blue subway line). While a lot of you may want to go shopping for souvenirs and/or clothing sometimes it can be difficult to find everything.. or at least where to go to do some shopping.

To say why I love Myeongdong.. hmm.. Well, first off it’s the one place that I know I can find clothes and shoes that will fit every part of me for a decent price. It also has a definite “outlet mall” appeal as there are a lot of different department stores and name brand stores there, many of which have reasonable prices. I’ve actually shopped a lot at Uniqlo for our parents as they have every size and specialize in staple items. I’ve also gone into a lot of the little specialty boutique stores there also and have found some pretty fun and unique pieces. I personally have a bad(?) habit of going to H&M and Forever 21 and spending most of my shopping budget there. I think it’s because I can find shoes and items I like easily and inexpensively. And, you can see what I bought in the video. There are a lot of other great stores there too though, from Korean wave memorabilia (kpop/kdramas), to shoes, makeup, hats, accessories, etc.

If you’re hungry there’s plenty of options from free street food everywhere to actual sit down restaurants with delicious cuisine. If you really want something special there is even a famous hole-in-the-wall noodle soup place called Myeongdong Kalguksu. Seriously, it doesn’t look impressive but once you take a bite you’re in heaven! If you’re thirsty there’s also a lot of choices with an outdoor café, a bunch of indoor famous name brand coffee shops or you can even go to experience a cat café! I love playing with the kitties. As a tourist, some places even offer a discount if you present your passport – not that I have ever done that.

  • Melinda Lipinski

    I love that polka dot dress..its entirely cute