Straight away, I want to point out that after recording this video, I noticed I said the wrong name! I don’t know where I got the name that I said, but it’s totally incorrect and I couldn’t be more embarrassed. Actually I’m sure I could be more embarrassed but it certainly doesn’t feel that way at the moment.

This review is based off the first 4 episodes, and those episodes only because that’s all I’ve seen so far. I’ve heard that the 5th episode throws the whole story completely askew and into ‘OF NO THEY DIDN’T’ territory.

The lead actresses actual name that I messed is Park Si Yeon. I said someone else’s name in the video that I’m not even gonna mention here. Can you tell I’m still not feeling good about this?

While I haven’t always been a fan of Park Si Yeon’s lifestyle decisions, I liked her a lot in Innocent Man and I think she’s also great in the beginning of this drama.

I’ve been on a huge No Min Woo kick as of late. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite entertainers. I’ve seen him in several things including Full House Take 2 and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I also recently learned that he’s an extremely talented musician. He plays piano, guitar, drums and sings. He was a drummer in a visual kai Korean rock band circa the early 2000s under the name Trax, and his nickname was Rose. He also performed a song called Baby that I really like.

Oh, and did I mention I got that girls name wrong yet? How can I talk about dramas and review dramas and get something so simple and so important wrong? The heck if I know. I’m a bit discouraged because I wanna do the best job I can making these reviews for you guyz and I just don’t like when this happens.

Other than that, I can’t wait to continue watching this drama.

Happy Drama watching everyone! ☺

Gangnam 1970 with Lee Min Ho Previewed

  • imfaerae

    Don’t sweat the name Steph!! It happens. So many of the names are difficult anyway. I’m sure a few of the viewers (me included) probably didn’t take much notice! :-)

    • hallyuback

      You might be right, but sometimes I’ve made smaller mistakes and the comments light up like a Christmas tree! LOL

  • tessieroo

    Whoa, Steph! I had no idea it was still such a taboo to be a single Mom in Korea, I was really shocked. Ep. 5 is very hard to watch, it made my blood boil when they tried to drag her off the stage. Love the actors but I hope she ends up alone since both these guys suck right now.

    Is it true women can get fired for being pregnant and not married in Korea? O_O

  • Int. Legal Adviser

    Ah, I can’t guess the end, it makes me crazy. do you know who marry at last?