These days we’ve been getting lots of questions from you guyz about how Koreans view your ethnicity. Maybe more than 20 of you asked us about this on a single LIKE IT video we did recently, and that wasn’t the first time. We’ve been getting this question for awhile now. And, this is NOT an easy question to answer!

The truth is all over the world there are still severe racial problems, and this issue is not a ‘this country’ or ‘that country’ isolated thing. It’s everywhere. As much as we are all trying to make the world a better place, there is evidence of racism still in almost every corner of the world. It’s difficult still to avoid.

Without going into details here in the written portion of the blog we hope that you’ll watch our video first to see what our reaction to this question is.

Last week’s LIKE IT – How to See Kpop Stars in Korea

  • Sophie

    I searchd today for a korean online dating portal. And found one…I signed in and wanted to activate my account…but couldn’t with this as responce. I clearly went to this site also to make new contacts also in korea. I am black and also uploaded a picture of me. I feel like that was a reason for them to bann me. At the same time I feel really bad that this is how those dating sites or online cha sites works. Not really global friendly korea…not cool at all.

    “Profile Suspended

    In order to maximize interest in your profile and improve your response rate we recommend re-assigning your profile to one of the other sites in our dating network. Therefore, please follow the instructions in the email that we sent to you detailing how to join the most appropriate site in order to maximize interest in your profile.

    If you believe that you have received this message in error then please contact