I’ll never forget my first experience in a cell phone shop right after I had arrived to Korea. One of the guys started to help me but the rest of them weren’t occupied with any customers. They were all gathered in the back corner. I watched them all pull out their mirrors and begin to spray and tweak and primp their hair until it looked like a Kpop star. Although their faces didn’t quite compare, their hair could ‘stand up’ to any male Kpop singer.

That culture shock for me! For me, in the beginning of my stay here I had observed so many different cuts, colors, styles, and textures from guys hair styles that I had never quite seen in person before. Were talking many more differences than what I had seen in the girls styles, which I noticed were somewhat long and straight, or long and curled, or bobbed. (Or ajuma perm!) But it didn’t really sway much beyond that.

To be honest it kind of reminded me of the host clubs I had heard about and seen in dramas in Japan. Except, what I was seeing in Korea were mostly everyday guys going about their daily lives with fabulous hair. Now to be clear it wasn’t everyone! Do you have unattractive guys that don’t take that much care of themselves in Korea? Of course you do! But in terms of young guys in their 20s it was pretty common place to see men doing themselves up nicely and still is today.

Do Korean men like to go shopping? Well.. I think that one completely depends on the guy you ask. Some might probably say yes. Others might not. It also all depends on the man’s preference, as well as how much money he has, because as we all know not everyone has excess expendable income to just go shopping whenever they want.

There’s a lot more I could go into since I’ve been here so long and have seen a lot of different styles and fashion by this point, but I digress. I also covered a bunch of this together with Richard in the video so be sure to check that out!

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