If you’ve ever been interested in traveling to visit Korea but haven’t yet bought the airplane ticket or reserved the hotel room, then you might want to check out this video!

It’s not easy to travel overseas for some people us. The mystery of leaving what is comfortable, hopping on a plane, traveling what could be half way around the world to another country which speaks a completely different language, could be intimidating for lots of people. Heck, it was very intimidating when I first did it! But I was feeling adventurous and wanted change. For me, during that time of my life in the beginning of 2009, it was the right move. But I don’t want this blog to be about me.

Coming to South Korea, whether it’s to travel and visit here, or to live, as we see it anyways, poses to major challenges: 1) overcoming the hurdle of being in your comfort zone, and 2) being able to afford it. A third challenge for some might be just being able to get the time free from whatever normal life routine responsibilities you have, like work or school. But if you are reading this, then it may very well be that number 1 listed above will probably be no problem at all. In fact, we communicate with a lot of our subscribers on YouTube at this point. And it seems like the biggest obstacle we’ve come across for people who watch our videos that want to come here is how much the entire trip will cost.

We were very frank about how much we’ve spent to fly here round trip, stay in hotels as we’ve travel around this place, and how much food at restaurants has cost us when we dine out. We obviously cannot narrow down a price for, say, how much a plane ticket will cost you since everyone flies from a different airport here. But unless you are coming from Japan or China, you WILL need to purchase an airplane ticket to visit Korea. Unfortunately the only country that actually borders Korea is North Korea, and they pretty much don’t let anyone through by land, although it has been done before, and rather recently too might I add.

So anyways, if you watch the video and it spurs a question (or 3) that we weren’t able to answer because we were busy telling you how much we spend on plane tickets to Rochester, NY and State College, PA, drop a note in the YouTube Comments of this video, head to our Facebook to leave us a question on our wall, or even leave it below in the comment section there. We check all 3! Thanks for watching and supporting us – we appreciate it! ☺