A lot of Korean food is spicy, but not all. Korean foods that are spicy though, are usually VERY spicy. There are also a lot of non-spicy foods out there, too. If you do your research they are easy to discover. I’m not going to make a long list of spicy and no-spicy Korean dishes because it would be too long. Korean is also much better written in Han-geul instead of the latin alphabet.

Besides, part of the fun of exploring new countries if exploring it yourself. :)

Richard and I both have many experiences with very spicy dishes here. We each mentioned one story in the video, and that was just one of many.

There are many dishes that are spicy way beyond what either of of had experienced prior to coming here. Sometimes kimchi is very spicy, but usually it is not. As time goes by and you spend more time here, what is and is not spicy is easier to spot both in the name of the dish and by sight. Some restaurants have menus with pictures. That is almost always a plus. And, if it looks spicy in the photo, and almost definitely is going to taste spicy.

Are Koreans offended if you’re eating with them, and then decide not to eat or try the dish that’s being served because it’s spicy? Maybe, but probably not. There are SO MANY different scenarios that could be playing out when this happens. If you’re dining with (Korean) friends, they will probably ask if you like spicy food or not. Some of them don’t like the spice either. If you’re out with coworkers the ball game changes a little, and hopefully you can let someone know how you feel about super spicy food, and find out what is being ordered in advance.

Again, coming here for the first time opens your eyes to so much, including what types of food you desire, and what types you decidedly pass on.

This part of Korean culture and society is exciting, and hopefully you can feel part of the excitement.. without burning your mouth.

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