We LOVE answering your questions in our LIKE IT videos! One question we get in various forms often is about visiting Korea. Many of you want to know where you should stay, when to come, what to do.. but most importantly: CAN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO SEE FAMOUS PEOPLE??!

Of course that’s really what it’s all about, right: Seeing famous people if you’re visiting Korea.. right?!? :)

The where to stay and what to visit questions are actually not that difficult to answer, and if you really think about it, you can find the answer on your own. Searching places to stay for instance can even be considered fun, and I know Richard enjoys doing it sometimes when we’re planning a trip. It helps us get to know the area we are going to, and finding a good deal is also a challenge.

The thing about Seoul is that it can be a bit on the pricy side looking for hotels, and further since English is not the native language here searching and finding deals might be a bit more difficult simply because hotels/motels/guesthouses/pensions/hostels etc. may not have the websites and metadata all worked out properly for Google search engines. After all, this is a Naver.com using country.

But seeing Kpop stars.. what about it? For all the years we’ve been living in Korea, the number of times we’ve seen or talked to Korean celebrities outside of concerts I can count on one hand. We’ve been living here 7 years. It’s truly difficult for Korean celebrities to live normal everyday lives like, say, go to the grocery store for a couple quick items. That’s just not happening in Korea. Ever. Things aren’t like that here. Why they are not like that is a WHOLE DIFFERENT QUESTION AND VIDEO. Someone out there ask us about it and we’ll go into it. :)

We definitely recommend that you visit Korea if you’re thinking about coming here. If you’re from the west and have never experienced Asia it will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

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    please can u help to know the place where i can find a celebrity korean jibal <3

  • korea lovers

    saragniyo oppa unnie