So lately, Richard has really gotten into Kpop! The other week he came up to me with a shocker: ‘You know’ he said, ‘I think I’d like to have my makeup done like some of the best Kpop stars.’ I wasn’t shocked, because not a lot shocks me with him anymore.

But as somebody who has grown up around makeup (my mother was a Mary Kay representative), I knew that I could do it. Some of my earliest memories are getting into my mom’s makeup vanity, and I’ve been wearing makeup since I was about in 6th grade. Not saying that’s for everybody, but that’s what I did. Funny enough, as I’ve gotten older I’ve found myself NOT wanting to put it on as much. As most of us ladies know, it takes awhile to do and more recently, I don’t feel the need to wear it in order to feel more confident. I’ve also learned more about all the chemicals inside some products and frankly that’s a little scary.

But all that being said, wearing makeup is kind of like having war paint on. I always feel fashionably fierce.

So, I can understand why Kpop singers wear it, and not even when they are on stage. And in doing a bit of research I found out just how prevalent makeup is in the male Kpop industry. You have your Korean pop idols that wear it, but you also have Japanese visual Kei that wear it, which I love. (Hello Gackt!) You also see it throughout a lot of the American and European entertainment industries. Some of the more notables would include KISS, Steven Tyler, Pete Wentz, Adam Lambert, and Russell Brand among others.

Truth be told, it took me back to my days of theatre. I used to do makeup on all the guys in the cast. So I compiled a list of photos from some of these different guys, focusing specifically on Koreans. I decided the look that I wanted to do on Richard and went for it. The results (as you can see in the video) were pretty striking. I definitely shocked him! He’s never had makeup done to this extent before in his life even though he, too, was part of drama productions in high school. It’s pretty funny though. Anyone who watches can see that he becomes more and more surprised at his transformation as the video progresses. It certainly was entertaining for me to watch, especially since I’m in the video. How I remember it happening while applying the makeup, and then watching how things actually went down are basically two different experiences entirely. Even I was amused with his reactions in the video.

Would we do it again? Maybe. ☺ It took over an hour of filming to get this the way it is. Afterwards we did NOT go to Gangnam or Hongdae or any of that. We took some photos, and then I taught him how to wash it off. After all, we were going to dinner after the filming and I couldn’t have him go out and about in our conservative neighborhood here like that.

What did you guys think of his everyday and then music video/high fashion Kpop makeup look?