The Incarnation of Money is a drama that took me a long time to come around to watching.  I did list it in my top dramas of February 2013 countdown video, but having not seen the main actor or actress in a drama before; I wasn’t really excited to start it.  Besides, there were plenty of other fantastic and exciting dramas that were coming out and I was really busy getting things in order and starting university.

However that time came and went, and Incarnation of Money remained pretty popular in ratings.  And, I was still seeing it on various drama news sites that I like to frequent (you could say I’m addicted to drama news almost as much as dramas! >.<).  So, when the time came up to do my smexy professionals 3some it was in the running.  Initially I’d actually chosen Queen of Office to take the third slot in this 3some as I’ve met Kim Hye Su and I think she’s really cool (Hubby instantly became a huge fan – the girl may be in her 40’s but she’s still smoking hot!).  However, Queen of Office didn’t get subbed in time for me to watch and write up a review for this 3some – so it got cut. I wonder why it’s not as popular in the foreign community right now, since it’s getting decent ratings here in Korea.  Maybe it’s because she came out as having plagiarized her master’s thesis – or maybe, because she’s just not as young as she used to be.

Regardless, Incarnation of Money won out and so I began watching the episode.  To be honest, I had a hard time getting interested in this one.  The first episode is basically all backstory of how the main character’s father died and you’re left with a mystery – who tried to kill the old fart??
I’m sorry; I don’t have much sympathy and compassion for the old guy.  He’s of the mindset that money can buy anything – women, a family, respect, a get out of jail card..  That he has the nerve to shove his mistress in his wife’s face and tell her tough cookies but get upset when his mistress cheats on him..  Really makes me angry!!!  He’s got no respect for anyone but himself, and is not a good human being!

I think the only thing that really got me to actually like and appreciate it was that after writing up my review and thinking out the whole drama episode at length I realized – this is totally like a game of CLUE!

You’ve got this big huge beautiful mansion, and almost all of the suspects:
Colonel Mustard is a bit of an old stiff like the Chairman (who wanted to use a shotgun – a hunting weapon)
Mrs. Peacock is like the Mom (A bit old, but ever the lady – who likes pills)
The Mistress is a perfect Miss Scarlett (glamorous lady in red – who’s a liar and a cheat)
The Employee who’s like a son is just right for Mr. Green (looks like the average handsome employee but deep down is an evil backstabber)
The Lawyer makes a good Professor Plum (an intellectual who talks behind people’s backs and watches his own)

The only thing that’s missing is Ms. White – and I don’t think the son is a good fit for that one.  As he’s kind of the neutral person in all of this – I’ll call him the player.  He just wants it all solved and for people to be healthy and happy.

Though I know things will change in future episodes it was a fun way to look at the first one.  What do you think, a good analogy?

  • lovedramas30

    nice review Steph, thanks for making this one! 😀

    • hallyuback

      Not sure I love this drama myself, but you’re welcome!^^

  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    Hello Steph ! I love Incarnation of Money. I hope you will review Jang Ok Jung Live in Love. By the way I vote for Jang Ok jung. Thank you ! Fighting :)))

    • hallyuback

      That may be one of the dramas I review next!^^

      • Grace Montemayor Terrado


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    Gu family book ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coz there’s Lee Seungi!!!!!

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      Yea, it looks like it’s gonna be really popular 😀

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    Gu Family Book

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    Gu Family Book