First I have to clarify: I finished Inspiring Generation!! When I recorded this video just a few days ago I hadn’t yet seen the last episode. When you watch you’ll see what I mean right away! ☺

I had pretty low expectations going into this one, which is probably partially why I liked it so much. I think Kim Hyun Joong is a total cuty, but he’s never been much of an actor (Except when he did the reality show ‘We Got Married’). I think this role really showed off that he could demonstrate emotion while having enough action and other plot things going on that the drama wasn’t solely dependent on his intense scenes and acting ability. And he won me over!

I’m really glad that he recently announced that he isn’t going to enter the military until 2015. He’s also talking about doing another drama before he goes. I say solidify your acting chops before you go!

I think the other thing that really got me though was the other actors and actresses in the drama. I know some people didn’t like Jin Se Yeon’s character, but I liked her! I liked everybody’s acting in the drama. I was particularly blown away by Seong Jae Rim playing Leader Mo, and Kim Seong Oh playing Jeong Jae Hwa. They really surprised me in great ways, and I want to see them again in another drama soon. I’m actually researching them right now as I write this!

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  • Melinda Lipinski

    Leader Mo invented cool..I’m sure of it