While we may not be Kpop aficionados, we do enjoy a bit of Kpop from time to time. And living in Korea, you can’t help but be surrounded by it regardless of your musical tastes.

After seeing how many of you guyz thumbs upped this question, we decided to give our 2 cents.

To be honest, more and more these days we are getting asked about Kpop. More recently you guyz have been hitting me up on SnapChat to get your Kpop questions answered.

The reality is, in my experience at least, university students learned Kpop dances for talent shows, but if you actually ask them what music they like to listen to it was often some Indie Korean band that I had never heard or maybe a popular western artist. In fact that reminds me of my first experience with Psy, because the university where I was teaching was having a concert night with various Korean artists. And I hadn’t heard of any of them. And Psy was one of them. This was OBVIOUSLY before Gangnam Style. Obviously.

There are plenty of Korean artists who don’t have the popularity of Kpop that I think are amazingly super talented. Korea seems to have this syndrome of fast success, fast popularity, and the newest it thing just cannot come fast enough. For example, it’s like Richard briefly mentioned during the LIVE CHAT. Pinocchio, which hasn’t even finished airing yet, wasn’t mentioned or asked about by any of you who were hanging out live that night, but plenty of you wanted to chat about Healer. Since Healer so new, it’s now the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you’re reading this several weeks in the future from now, Healer will have died down and another new drama will have probably taken its place.

And just a few weeks ago, people were (sort of) falling over each other for the release of Pinocchio. How can nobody even be talking about it anymore? It’s actually a pretty good drama!

Such is the Hallyu Wave. Once something becomes popular, it has a short shelf life in Korea until something new and more flashy comes along.

Anyone have predictions on what that ‘new’ something will be? ☺

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