We are just beginning to settle into our new home in America. It’s been a little over a month now, and while we are loving it for the most part, we haven’t discovered much of what the area has to offer. That’s why today for dinner we jumped onto Yelp and looked for something tasty close to our new home.

We decided on El Latino, a restaurant about 5 minutes by car from our house. It had terrific reviews on Yelp, and we were in the mood for Mexican/Caribbean flavor. Question is: is this Mexican food, or some other type of food? This is where we need help!

What doe you guys think? Judging on what you see in the video, what type of food is this? We know a lot of you are better equipped to answer this than we are so we’d love to know what you think! :)

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  • Daniela Cadena

    The meat looks like Barbacoa which is basically goat, or pork shredded. The meat and rice and beans are Mexican, but the Plantains isn’t really a traditional Mexican food. :) Looks delicioso though.

  • Rebeca Cotto

    Hi. It’s look more like caribbean food. I live in Puerto Rico and this food is part of our cuisine. We eat the ripe plantains (platano maduro frito) but we eat them unriped too (fried and flattered) “tostones”. This is how look the plantains. I wait you like our food. :)

  • dustdevilliz

    It’s probably Dominican. (Looks delicious!)