Jazz Cat

I wanted to paint a cat holding a coffee cup in response to some hate that I had received online – A bit of a tongue in cheek rebuttal if you will. I knew that the coffee cup would have a foam heart, because the message that I want to spread is love and picking people up and encouraging them and not hate. People make mistakes but it seems that when you’re in the spotlight at all you’re expected to be perfect. This is part of the reason why I decided a long time ago that I did not want to be a leader within organized religion. Even leading HallyuBack there are plenty of times that I make mistakes. I know that some things are triggering to people and how words can have a huge impact. I myself deal with a lot of PTSD issues from past experiences that I have chosen not to talk about online. So, with a heart of openness and striving to convey a message of love I painted this kitty while listening to jazz/big band music. I’m quite happy with how it turned out!

This artwork is a one of a kind piece hand painted by Stephanie Ishler of Hallyu Back. All artwork is for sale unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in purchasing this original painting, contact us here!

In addition, you can also inquire about artwork by emailing this address: contact@hallyuback.com ^^