This new Korean drama is Lee Jun KI’s baby, and I’m a big fan of his!

He’s been doing one drama every year since he got out of the military, his first being Arang and the Magistrate in 2012 followed by Two Weeks in 2013.

Personally I’m excited for this one, because it’s Lee Jun Ki doing what he does best: Historical Action Romance. This one has similar elements to Arang and the Magistrate. But at first glance, Arang was better although not extremely popular. It had Shin Min Ah who is (ahem no offense) a better actress than Nam Sang Mi. And it has super natural plot craziness with Yoo Seung Ho playing a very attractive deity.

While he’s getting older he’s still keeping his baby face well enough to play a youngish son of an aristocrat. This one is poignant enough storyline to keep you intrigued and enough comedy to keep you entertained.

But what I like about it is it’s a fictional interpretation of an important time in history. And it has Lee Jun Ki, which is gonna keep me watching future episodes.

I got to admit, my first impression is that it’s good but not great. Granted I’ve only seen the first episode at the time of this writing and am currently also watching Fated to Love you at the moment. We’ll just have to see how this one unfolds. I could be wrong and this could turn out to be a really amazing drama. I’ve been wrong before.

Happy Drama Watching everyone! ☺

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  • Karen Shortell

    I guess I will have to try this one again because of your recommendation. I started it once, but really didn’t give it enough time. I have started watching “Marriage, not Dating”. It is really cute and fun.