Korean Castle

While I’ve been selling paintings online since 2015, I’ve never had an official gallery show.. until now. I’m excited to finally share my artwork in person with everyone!

My first ever LIVE Painting Exhibition “Kaleidescopic” is set for Friday December 1st at 127 East Avenue in Rochester, NY. I’m showing paintings that haven’t already been purchased from the past 3 years since we moved home from Korea. There will be nearly 140 pieces displayed at the show. Paintings not sold on the first night will remain on display throughout the entire month of December.

To say I’m hyped about this is an extreme understatement. (I even changed my hairstyle) This is a huge step for me. As an introverted person, the internet has become a comfortable and safe zone to create and share my work. Since I’m always trying to challenge myself as an artist, be it with color, canvas, medium, subject matter, et al., this seemed like the logical next step.

The space I’m showing at felt right. An interior design and furniture store, it reminded me of my first job when I worked in a furniture store helping customers. The location in downtown Rochester right on East Ave feels ideal, and offers a lot of additional entertainment and food for those who wish to make it a special night out.

I’m planning to stream a live painting session from the venue Thursday November 30th starting around 6pm. This will be a live event and everyone is invited. Doors open on Thurs. at 3pm for those interested in checking out and possibly purchasing my paintings. I’m offering $10 off painting prices on Thursday only if you purchase one that day. Friday’s showing starts at 5pm and will stay open until around 11pm.

Thank you to each and every one of you reading this! I couldn’t make this journey as an artist without all your love and support! It’s truly a blessing to be in this position to pursue art for a living, and I’m honored and humbled by all your continued support :)

Hope to see you all on Thursday or Friday at the show!

Boy w Bike NEW Fallen2 NEW Iris1 NEW Jelly2 NEW Mermaid1 Positive2 NEW Prairie Child1 NEW Seryu2 NEW