Hey Lovelies! I’ve long been meaning to make a video like this, because though I may rock short hair, I still love to dress up and look nice. Moving to a new country meant purging most of my wardrobe and I’m excited to put it back together piece by piece. This video is some of my most favorite recent “wins” as I like to think of them. My fashion as a student and professor in Korea was a bit dull and drab because I had to look very professional all the time. So now I’m really excited to put on some fun colorful prints that highlight my personality and that embraces this beautiful summer weather we’ve been having.

I also am already trying to plan my wardrobe for KCON this year. The last couple of years I haven’t been able to go because of living so far away and having family obligations. I’m super ecstatic to not only be going this year but to be a part of the experience and meet so many of you guys! One of the big draws for Asian fashion I feel is that you can be a bit risky and wear things that might not otherwise make sense. For example, the Yoona Top has fun words, and food with big ‘ol eyeballs on them! It’s totally Korean and fits the kpop sound perfectly. Not to mention that she’s going to be in KCON NY.. I wonder if I’ll get to meet her?!?!? OMG the thought makes me squeal with excitement! The second look features a beautiful kimono that is perfectly appropriate for summer concerts and is IN around the world. I especially like the colors of this one as I think it can go with a lot of pieces and things like that should be statement pieces.

I was a bit nervous as I don’t typically order clothes online, but the price was right so I went for it and I’m so glad that I did! The minute I opened up the package and put it on I knew – this dress is not your typical dress. Even Richard had to comment that the dress gave me a huge boost of confidence. The last time I think I put on a dress like this and knew that it was something special was my wedding dress. It’s that knowing. Not to mention that it’s super comfortable and fits PERFECTLY. I got a size small but the sizes seemed pretty comparable to western sizes. Anyways I think it’s what I’m going to be wearing for my panel appearance.

So there are some of my favorite new pieces. Where are your favorite online places to shop? What would you change? Should I make more of these videos? Let me know!

May 2015 Favorites | HallyuBack