Kim Soo Hyun is SUCH A CUTIE!!! He’s also the currently the ‘IT’ guy in Korea, and maybe even in all of Asia. If you’re reading this, and you’re a fan of Korean dramas, there is virtually no way by now that you haven’t heard of this guy. He’s out of this world.. literally! Kkk

Personally I’m a huge fan! You Who Came From The Stars was such a big hit and his acting was spot on. I now want to go back and watch some (or ALL!) of his previous work. Some of you guys may be upset with the Lee Min Whos in the beginning of this video but I was just joking around. Lee Min Ho will always be a huge star in Kdrama world, or at least until he goes into the military. But for the moment, there’s a new sheriff in town. Part of my whole comparison is that they are basically the same age, and now relatively equal on the popularity scale, at least in Korea. Girls fawn over him, boys want to become him. Heck, he got many people’s dream girl in Korea in that drama. (Jun Ji Hyun)

I gotta admit, I’m a bigger fan of Kim Soo Hyun after watching Man From The Stars. His acting talent really shown through, and the boy looks perfectly smexy in any time period. What more could a nuna like me want? Thank goodness he’s only 2 years younger than me!

  • Marina

    First time I saw him was in Dream High. I was thinking why nobody is talking/screaming about him? His acting skills were the best in a whole drama! After DH I was following all his dramas and films, he never disappoints! And he is really, really handsome too

  • Niousha Khajehpour

    My friend and I became his huge fans after this fantastic drama <3 he's just the best :3 his acting and singing are just … fabulous! every drama he's acted in up until now have all become hit dramas 😀

  • sonia

    You are hilarious! And I agree with you. He is so CUTE!

  • Melinda Lipinski

    he is just freakin adorable