A new drama that came out this June, it already has a couple of episodes out! Honestly you guyz, I saw like the first 3.

My first impression? Although it fits a certain genre and age group quite well, and I’m sure some of you will DEFINITELY like it, I’m personally not really that impressed.

The story plot is a little extreme. Someone who’s 26 in real life, who’s trying to pass as a high schooler, pretending to be his 28 year old brother who looks to be identical to him. The other thing that’s kind of illogical is that this fictional company in the drama is supposedly manned by young 20-somethings who are extremely good looking, because that’s what matters in the world of business.

Maybe it will pan out in time, but I’m not crazy about Lee Hana as an actress or possible love interest for either of these leading guyz.

I’d love to give you guyz a better report of this one, but 3 episodes in and these are my thoughts. Also, the hockey is terrible. How are you going to try and make a sport popular in Korea if there are only 4 spectators who are all essentially mean girls with crushes on the lead?

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  • Arthea Emory

    Lee Soo-hyuk is in a new class of pretty I’ve classified as Porcelain Pretty. You have your flower boys of course…but now they’ve (Korean men) have taken it a step further. Porcelain Pretty *yet another degree of SMEXY!*. So far, I’ve only got 6 men in this category. Lee Soo-Hyuk, Song Jae-Rim, Kim Jae-wook, No Min-woo, Jung Il-woo, and Lee Jun-Ki. These men are not only pretty…but look as if they would crack (like Porcelain) if you hugged them too tight. I haven’t watched the drama yet…but you know me…I’m a sucker for your suggestions! On my to watch list it goes…and *crossing my fingers* hopefully I’ll like it.