Whenever opportunities pop up in Korea, I’m usually trying not to miss them. And years ago when we first starting living in Korea, you’re just getting to know the place. Back then, sure there was internet forums and blogs where people who were looking for information about Korea could go and read about stuff. But there wasn’t any YouTube. Nowadays, YouTube is sort of the lazy person’s internet information guide to Korea, and especially if videos are entertaining as well.

Back a few years, I was more into what other foreigners in Korea were doing, and Korean education. That’s how I know Kahlid (and frankly most of the expat/foreginers who are living here and doing something creative.)

I recently contacted Kahlid. to see how he was doing, and when he told me I could come to one of his acting lessons, I jumped all over the chance. That’s how this video got made.

Hope you guyz enjoy! And Happy Holidays everyone. :)

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