Ever have any experience with acupunture? In my personal experience it is fairly commonplace in Korea by now. There are many doctors who are qualified to perform acupuncture in South Korea, and the price with national health insurance is quite reasonable. A visit to the acupuncture doctor will run you under 10000Won per visit, and that includes about an hour long treatment session. Expect three-five different treatments per visit, and you can see some of what I’m talking about in the video. Each doctor performs soemthing a little bit different, with the obvious goal of rehabilitating the problem area.

Yesterday’s Video: Seoul Soju Tent!

  • Mary S.

    I love your vlogs! I’m always learning something new and it more often than not comes up in conversation with someone.

    Acupuncture needles are so small, but still intimidating somehow . Eek! Lol.

  • Karen Shortell

    I give myself 5 or 6 shots of insulin a day, and the needles in your accupuncture still gave me shivers. oh well …………. The food looked great, except for most of the food on the soju table. I am not a lover of most seafood or shell fish other than scallops, shrimp, and lobster. Stephani looks like a really great cook. you are a lucky man, Richard.