I can never help but be AMAZED at the coffee culture in Korea. It’s SOOOOO DIFFERENT from the coffee culure of what I’m used having grown up in the U.S.

You have two types of coffee culture in Korea: the very cheap, instant coffee available everywhere, and then you have coffee shops that exist on every corner and that charge exorbitant amounts. No joke, I read an article the other day that Starbucks Americano in Korea is the most expensive americano in the world. This place don’t play when it comes to charging for coffee at a coffee shop.

And, every Korean that I’ve ever met that hasn’t been to the U.S. thinks that’s how all Amerians prefer their coffee: black Americano. After all, it is called an Americano.

I will never forget the first time that I had a cup of Korean instant coffee. Maxim actually. I poured the single serving packet into my cup and was amazed that half the packet was sugar. It’s very rare that you find your typical American style coffee pot in an office, and even if you do they may very well be using it for tea or something else.

For coffee, it’s a different world here.

And at least when it comes to coffee, we are excited to go back home.

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  • Karen Shortell

    OMG – You even brought Maki here to the states when you visited last summer, and you treat her as your child. How could anyone even entertain the though that you might leave her in Korea?

    • hallyuback

      That’s a very good point Karen! I think some of the people watching and commenting now started following us more recently. Also we didn’t really daily vlog last summer so Maki only appeared on our Instagram and when we posted that photo to Facebook and Twitter ^^