Do all men in Korea have to serve in the military? The real answer is no, not ALL of them. Most of them yes, they must serve two years to fulfill their duty. As it happens (and it doesn’t happen often), people become exempt for mostly medical reasons. If they are unable to perform basic exercise, or have some sort of ailment that prohibits them from normal pysical activity, this could be grounds for an exemption. Are exemptions extended to famous people, say Korean drama actors or Kpop stars? Not that we know of. Should they be? We explain more in this week’s HallyuBack News segment.

By the way, did you know Yoo Seung Hoo gets his discharge from Korean military service tomorrow? :)

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  • Karen Shortell

    I don’t believe anyone should be exempt from a service that is required of all people unless they are proven unable to perform any duty. – like someone who is multiply handicapped/profoundly retarded. Even conscientious objectors or medically involved people can perform a service duty in a country like Korea. Is it Israel where everyone is required to do some sort of service work for at least a year? I think that is a great idea, and would certainly help our youth grow to become responsible adults. And by our – I mean American kids as well as those of other nationalities.