For this week’s LIKE IT we answer a question I’m sure some of you are dying to know: Are Korean dramas anything at all like real life in Korea? Since this was the type of question that we could get creative with, we decided to shoot some short skits to help illustrate specifically what we would be talking about, and also relate them to different Kdrama scenarios that many of you watching might be familiar with.

Frankly to be honest, this question was so broad! I wanted us to answer it, but there are probably over 20 videos on like it alone we could make about this topic. So, I narrowed it down to what I know I wanted to know before coming to Korea. That is, are all Korean guys like guys in dramas? Because really, isn’t that what most women want to know?!?!

I also wish that I could say clearly one way or the other that Korean guys in real life are like guys in Korean dramas or not. That however, is also nearly impossible to say because all guys are different. There are though some things that we can say based upon observations and the many awesome (and a few terrible) Korean men that we’ve known over our years in Korea.

In order to make it a little easier, I chose 9 big key guy factors that you see in a lot of Korean dramas and in all fun and seriousness tried to debunk the myths from the truth. Perhaps my favorite one to debunk is the rich man falls for the poor girl Cinderella type of story. The funny thing is although this one is pretty unlikely across the board we forgot to mention in the actual filming one of the coolest Korean princess tales. That is, the story of the last princess of Korea. Though it was never legal in Korea, the last prince of Korea, Yi Gu married an American woman named Jullia Mullock from my home state of Pennsylvania! It’s not the happiest ending story, they were forced to divorce when it was obvious that they wouldn’t have an heir, but it’s a Cinderella story nonetheless!

There are several other topics that we covered, but I’ll let you watch the video. As always, thanks for watching and reading – I hope you “Like it!”

  • Saadiya Shan

    Wow..I think that’s an awesome experience you described guys are awesome..thanks you .

  • Miko Satou

    The wrist grabbing… Oh, how that would end badly if someone did that to me.