I’ve been living in Suwon over 5 years, and I’ve NEVER been to this palace!!! Umm.. that’s craziness, ESPECIALLY for someone like me who loves princes and princesses and fantasy and all that. And to add insult to injury, a WHOLE BUNCH of Korean dramas have been filmed here as well. But you know what they say: better late than never.

And in this case it’s certainly true.

In reality, I’m happy I visited here for the first time on the day that I did. It made it even more memorable to share going there for the first time with my dad. I think I was more prone to enjoy myself and they had a whole bunch of activities happening that day too! There was a martial arts show that may dad got to see, which was super cool because it gave him some insight into historical Korean military culture. There were also little kids activities like rice cake making and dressing up. I’m so glad I got to share and experience all that while my dad was visiting.

The palace is actually located within the Hwasung Fortress, so after the palace we headed over there and hiked that too. It’s a good 1 ½-2 hour hike all the way around so it made for a full day. We could make a full video just hiking that so there wasn’t too much of it included in this video. Maybe for another day? ☺

It’s been a whirlwind time with my father in Korea and I’m sad to eventually see him go. I think that’s why we’ve been making these videos more than any other reason: we just want to capture the memories together. I think that’s reason enough.