My first EVER collaboration with another YouTuber in Korea! Yippeeee!!! I’m really excited about this video you guys! First off, I’m really happy to be doing more Korea-related videos other than just drama reviews. I love reading fashion columns and, more than anything I made this video with the one and only ChoNunMigookSaram! If you haven’t heard of her yet and you’re interested in anything that has to do with Korea, you will soon. She’s a fabulous American girl living in South Korea who’s gorgeous and makes freaking amazing YouTube videos on Beauty, Food and what she likes to call her Nom VLOGs. Despite both of us having incredibly crazy busy schedules, we managed to find some time to get together and film a couple of videos for you guys! For Hallyu Back we filmed this video that I’m so psyched about. There will also be a video coming out on her channel soon – that I’m just going to keep hush hush about for now. Anyways, I’m a big fan of her work and who knows, we may be doing more work together in the future. Check her stuff out!

Back to the video; I am a drama person. I admit to spending waaaaay too much time sitting in front of my computer screen with a box of tissues, jumping out of my chair and yelling at the drama characters on the screen because of some writer’s crazy plotlines. If you’re like me, you can relate to who a person actually is with the character that you see them portraying. I know I haven’t gotten to the KPOP bit, but I’M GETTING THERE!! Unlike some people, it’s because of Korean Dramas that I know who the heck some of these KPOP stars are – I GOT THERE! It’s sad but true, my knowledge on KPOP is pathetically sad and I find that I’m still stuck in a KPOP phase time period somewhere between Son Dam Bi’s “Mi-cheo-seo” and Big Bang’s “Blue”. I am proud to say, however, that I did in fact introduce my friends in the USA to Psy in summer of 2012 and got a text message a couple of months later that said “I saw that weird Korean guy you showed me on Ellen.” So yes, despite being in Korea for years I haven’t embraced the KPOP just yet. But I’m beginning to. Recently that’s started to change, because, well, frankly I’ve been seeing too much KPOP news in the Korean entertainment that I just have gotten to the point where I can’t ignore it anymore – and really, you guys keep requesting KPOP related stuff and Drama OST’s (soundtracks for anyone who may be a newbs – and my husband Richard).

When it came time to film this week’s video, I was pretty sure that I wanted to do something a bit KPOP related. At the beginning of this month was the Korean drama awards! *cheers!* Because many of your dramas star Korean Idols that have the super powers to be able to sing, dance, look great in a mini-skirt and act I was glued to the computer screen and checking out all of the fantastic outfits on the red carpet. Thus, the inspiration for this video. I’m really glad that ChoNunMigookSaram (Megan) was able to join me for the policing because I know that it would have never worked with the husband as my fashion police partner. The man is good, but not that good. Anyways it was a crap-ton of fun filming this one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  • yasmina elseidy

    i really like this video
    its hilarious
    please do more
    fashion police videos

    • hallyuback

      YAY!!!^^ We had such a fun time making it we might have to do more. :)

      • yasmina elseidy

        its will be my favourite types of videos for sure

  • ladysaotome

    lol – the fashion things that I always find interesting are the long, pointy shoes guys always wear in jdramas – and the scarves with suits. Like Domyouji wears to the prom at the end of HYD2. Nothing dresses up a suit like elf shoes & a long glittery scarf!