Delicious. Korean. Street. Food. What else can we say?!?!! It’s everywhere here. Not all of it is good for you, and we’re guessing some of it is probably not. But that has not yet been scientifically proven.. as far as we know. Some of it must be good for you if they sell it everywhere, right?

The food I came upon in this video is Hodeok, and it’s available in many different falvors. This one I’m calling fried bread flavor for the sweet sauce that was inside it. Two for 1000 Won. Can’t beat it. Oh, and I wandered Hwasung Fortress beforehand. It was gorgeous today.

Saturday’s AMAZING Video – Catching Pikachu in Seoul

  • Karen Shortell

    Thank you for the beautiful tour of your area. I really loved the variation in the color of the rocks in the tower wall. That tower is much higher up than it looks in your closeup shots. The city in the background lends the perspective that gives it height away. great photography.