Campus is so lovely and colorful this time of year in Korea!! So, we could not pass up this opportunity to walk around and show you guys where I go everyday.

For those of you that are already familiar with our YouTube channel and have seen some of my drama videos, this might not be new information. But for you recent subscribers and fans, I attend Kyung Hee University in Suwon, Korea. Kyung Hee has 2 campus (Seoul and Suwon) and also has one of the most beautiful campuses in all of Korea. No I’m serious, it does. Just ask any Korean, this place is famous for its architecture and layout of campus. Which makes this video all the more appealing to make and share with you guys!

Our campus is split with a mountain in between the two sides of campus. You can actually hike through a mountain trail to get to the other side, and we often do. We started our little tour off by the front gate, and we took our time heading towards the middle. By the time we made it to where the soccer field is and grabbed a coffee, it was time for me to go to my one class of the day at 12 noon. Richard then caught up with me again at about 2:30pm, picked me up in the car, and we drove straight to the other side. Unfortunately we never got a chance to check out that path like I wanted to show you guys, but maybe it’ll happen to if we make a second video of campus… in the springtime maybe, when all the cherry blossoms are out?!? ☺

This is my second semester attending Kyung Hee as a graduate student. I’m currently majoring in English education. I chose this major because prior to beginning my studies I had been teaching English in Korea 4 years. The 3 most recent years I was a professor at Suwon Science College where I began teaching as a professor at the ripe age of 23. It still amazes me that I was able to pull that off at such an early age in my life. Some of my male students were older than me! That was a really good learning experience for me, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger in the end. It’s an old saying but its true.

Richard has been teaching in Korea for over 5 years now, all at the same university (Kyung Hee) where I attend grad. school. He actually was a teacher in Korea for a year from 2002-2003, at a private academy (hagwon), before returning to NY to do his graduate work. The name of the school at the time was YBM ECC, which is still around to this day, and that’s where he originally got his start. He frequently reminds me though, that he loves working with college-aged students so much more than elementary and middle school students. Not that he doesn’t like them, he does. He just likes being able to carry on adult conversations with his students, something he won’t find too often with kids in elementary school.

Thanks for coming along with us to KHU’s Global Campus in Suwon, Korea. We hoped you enjoyed the day as much as us. We appreciate your support so much! We also want to mention that we are having our first EVER live chat drama talk this coming Friday November 15th, 2013!!! We are super stoked about this, and hope you’ll join us if you can to talk some dramas live from your computer. It’s gonna be fun!

  • Alejandra Ralda

    GOD!!! every time i see your videos i fall in love with korea even more, i can’t wait to be there, hope i can meet you guys in a year!! meanwhile keep showing us the best of that country! greetings from Mexico!!! :)