For those of you who might be new to the HallyuBack community, we’ve recently moved back the the US after living for 7 years in South Korea. And.. yesterday was our first trip to the supermarket since we’ve been back! Goodness knows, I’ve needed to put some food into our new refrigerator and we all need to eat, so to the grocery store we went.

I have to say it’s the biggest grocery store I think I’ve ever been in (Emart and Homeplus in Korea may have multiple floors but only one is for groceries) and it was all a bit overwhelming. But they had all of the food that I was used to and many food options that I’d never really considered. For instance, my local big grocery store in Korea had one foreign food aisle that it shared with organic products and this grocery store had at least 3 international food aisles and a whole big section devoted to organic foods! Cooking is going to be fun here. Overall, it was an eyeopening experience and I’m glad I went but it was only one stop on a pretty awesome and eventful day!

Yesterday’s Video – Stuff Our Face With Pizza