Seriously it’s true: Koreans love their new technology! This is not groundbreaking news, we know. But it is one of the secrets to their success whether they want to admit it or not.. and why wouldn’t they admit it? They have some of the coolest technology around!!

First off, and we didn’t even mention this in the video, but Korea has a HUGE gaming culture. It’s funny the video we recorded was over 30 minutes and we DID mention this, but it got cut out because we simply can’t upload a 30 min. video to YouTube and expect everyone to watch. League of Legends of one of the popular games that many young people play and they have their own Esports competition and awards which we are very unfamiliar with. LOL We think it may be the largest video gaming competition in the world but don’t quote us on that.

Have you guyz ever heard of the city of Songdo? It’s been dubbed the city of the future, and I’m sure Koreans hope for it to be this. It’s been planned and built from the ground up as such, and it’s located close the international airport in Incheon for visitors to Korea to experience. We pass by it every time we go the and from the airport and probably you will to if and when you come here. It’s still only 60% finished, but it has features of a city you may not find anywhere else. All the buildings are connected to this trash system that automatically sucks out the trash and sorts it for being buried, burned, and recycled. The avenues are much wider than any other city in Korea. (Bundang might be a close second) There are lots of other neat cool things you can read about if you Google Songdo Korea. CNN likes covering Songdo.

Here are some of the other cool things happening with technology in Korea:

– curved TV Samsung I think
– virtual grocery stores
– COEX has robots that give tours we’ve heard
– south korea is taking steps towards getting to 5G
– Emart is putting in electric car charging stations
– they use more green technology because of a lack of fossil fuels, like wind turbines, solar panels and nuclear reactors are used here too.
– GS25 is gonna start selling bidets, TVs, water purifiers and smart phones
– in 2015 hyundai is making a car that you can start with your smartphone
– public transportation is all digitalized. apps that you can use tell you where the nearest stations are, when the next beaux or train is coming, what is the best car to enter in order to have the quickest transfer
– use smart phone to pay at shops and transportation

Korea really does have the coolest technology!

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  • Karen Shortell

    I can’t get any cell phone reception in my house. What a pain. I have to go outdoors to use it when my modem isn’t working. ( I have voip phone service.)