Today started off pretty darn good: The weather was near perfect and my bus to Seoul was waiting for me! I had a fun day planned hanging out with by buddy Jesse, and then returning to Suwon to spend the evening with Steph. It’s so nice to get out of the house on a day like to today to enjoy the warm weather, because something tells me it’ just not gonna last.

Yesterday’s video

  • Karen Shortell

    We really are having a gorgeous fall in central NY this year, and I bet Rochester is just as nice. The temps have been in the 70s during the days most of the time. Just perfect for me. And the trees are starting to change with the maples a gorgeous red, and the ashes a beautiful yellow. It couldn’t be nicer here. All we are lacking are the beautiful historical sites. It’s too bad that most buildings are going to be torn down after a few years here. I think the age of the architecture is what impressed me most when I went to Europe, and everything would be even older there in Asia.