The day started off by giving Steph a lift to Suwon Station so she wouldn’t have to walk a take a cab. She had been invited to a Kpop Concert/Fashion Show in Seoul, and our friend David who was visiting Korea from Costa Rica had a wedding to attend. Me? I was home catching up on some business after they left and getting snuggles from Maki. Always a good thing ^^

yesterday’s vlog

  • Arthea Emory

    …Steph…my loyalty is being tested….I’M LOVING THE “This is my day” POSTS BY RICHARD!!! Richard…just the meandering around/tour of your day…SOO FUN. That said…unless you really start reviewing Dramas….I’m a Steph fan all the way.
    But I suspect, one day, Maki will get hold of the camera and my mind will explode!!! I love her “where am I” wake up stretch. She is too cute!
    You keep posting, I’ll keep watching!!!

    • hallyuback

      Now THAT’S an entertaining comment! You’re the real deal Arthea, plain and simple. I think some drama fans aren’t sure what to think yet with the new daily vlogs, but not you. And if Maki EVER figures out how to run a camera I think I might just freak out right on the spot! LOL

  • Karen Shortell

    Stephanie, you look gorgeous all dressed up like that. And – Richard, was the coffee a lot better after all that work? My pot needs washing too, and I am just wondering if it is worth it?