Anyone who is interested in Korea knows that Korea has a unique sense of style. Now that its November and the weather is beginning to turn, it’s getting colder. This of course affects fashion.. unless you’re a fashionable Kpop star in a music video. Somehow they managed to do tank tops, bare mid-drifts and mini skirts with bare legs all year around. I know, right? So as I sit here writing this bundled up in a sweater with blankets wrapped and slippers on my feet trying to stay warm, you can watch from wherever you are, wearing whatever you’re wearing and enjoy this timeless, season-less statement that is Kpop Fashion, November 2013 edition. And can I just say Seung Hee and I rocked it!?!!! What do you guys think? Thanks so much for joining me in this video Seung Hee!

A few months ago, I saw several of my favorite YouTubers doing OTP challenges, and the first thing I thought of was: OMG this would be AWESOME to do with some of my favorite Korean Drama actors! Unfortunately, although Richard knows who many of these people are through Hallyu Back, he doesn’t actually watch dramas very much. This makes it extremely difficult (but not impossible) for he and I to make a video together on this do this topic and do it justice. So when I found out that Kiyoun and Seung Hee were coming to visit, AND I knew she watched Kdramas here, doing an OTP with her for YouTube would be the perfect opportunity. I asked her if she was interested in filming a video for our YouTube channel and she was up for it! Of course, she didn’t have any idea about what type of video we were gonna make together until she arrived, and further didn’t know the specifics of the OTP list until she opened up the folder. None of this (besides the list) was previously planned and this was a really fun video to make together. I enjoyed making my own OTP because I had to really think about which actors and actresses I like here. I know Kiyoun had fun too. ^^

For those of you that may be wondering, the two lovely ladies that have been in several videos with me are my dear friends Kiyoun and Seung Hee. I actually met both of them through my former job as a college professor at Suwon Science College. My first year there when I was new to the job and really confused about everything I had the honor of having Seung Hee as the secretary of the English Department. This meant whenever any of us foreigner professors had question about anything administrative, we went straight to Seung Hee with is. Oh what a joy for Seung Hee it was, dealing with a bunch of foreigners that constantly needed help with everything on campus! I can’t even tell you how much Seung Hee helped me out that first year!! She was a lifesaver! Not only did she help me with my work life, but if I needed help with anything in my private life as well (related with Korean language help), she was there for me. For instance, if it wasn’t for Seung Hee, we wouldn’t have a Christmas tree! She also helped me order my first canvas (for painting) in Korea. And if you have ever seen any of our LIKE IT videos, you know I like to paint me a canvas or two in my spare time. I also love that she’s a total sweetheart and she’s an extremely strong person. These means a lot to me, and I look up to people like her.

I also met Kiyoun through my former job at the college. Funny enough, she was the secretary there before Seung Hee, but I never worked with her. I got introduced to her a co-worker get together wine and pasta party. That was way back when I first started working there, about 2010. Kiyoun and I go way back (we all go way back!) though I haven’t seen her as often as I’d like to. When we get together we always have a great time. I’m just so happy she and Seung Hee were able to make it here this past weekend and I hope we get to do it again sometime soon! ^^

Richard here. Albert and I have been great friends since about 2011. I was first introduced to him by a friend when I found out he was doing comedy in Seoul. I was doing documentary movies at the time, and we ended up collaborating on a video. It wasn’t long before we collaborated on another one. I loved his comedy, and we also hung out socially whenever we could. He lived in Ilsan and I lived in Suwon, and for anyone who knows Korea, although both of these places are within striking distance of Seoul, neither is that close to the other. So, distance made hanging out regularly difficult. He continued to work on his comedy, and I on my videos, and eventually Steph and I created Hallyu Back. He and I hadn’t seen each other in nearly a year when I spoke to Albert last month. He asked if we could make a video for old times sake, and since we had Kpop Fashion Police video of Oct. still to do, I asked him if he wanted to participate. He was game! I visited him at his new house in Seoul where he now lives, and we shot this video. I’m happy with the way it turned out. Hope you guys are too, albeit a little late. Nevertheless it’s a gem! ^^