I wanna dance dance dance da dance Boom-sha-ka-la-ka, Boom-sha-ka-la-ka – FANTASTIC BABY!!! I freaking love it! I have mad respect not only for G-Dragon and Tae-yang but for Big Bang as a whole. As far as I’m concerned (and I’m positive others will feel differently), they carry the Kpop hallyu wave to a whole ‘nother level! And I’m just discovering all this for the very first time.

It’s so funny to me looking into all this Kpop music after all this time here. This music is played around Korea (obviously) all the time. Almost too much. First floor shops love attracting people by slipping a speaker out onto the sidewalk and bumping some music to attract customers. It’s cool at first, and still every now and then I dig it. But it also annoys me at times, because sometimes their choice of music isn’t always appealing, or it’s too loud, or maybe 3 shops in a row have music playing simultaneously. But for Kpop lovers, I’m sure it can be very attractive too.

I’m sorry, but I have never really had an interest in learning more about Kpop for the same reason I don’t like a lot of Pop music from my own country: The artists are not the ones writing their own songs. This is the identical reason I was attracted to rap music as a youngster in the eighties. These guys were inventing a whole knew genre of music, and writing all their own tunes in the process. I give that mad props. Pop music does have its attractive qualities. Tunes can be catchy, and can reach a wider audience than just the die-hard fans that follow everything a singer or group does. I just am always weary about who’s doing all the work to make the group and song popular. Are the artists really artists, or are they just singers. This may not matter to some, but it matters to me.

This is also something I am trying to ignore while checking out Kpop since I know it will affect how I feel about a particular group, singer or song.

I had the chance to check out 3 songs and music videos for the first time during this glorious and magnificent Kpop Vlog #2: B.A.P.’s Hurricane, BigBang’s Fantastic Baby, and the dance version of Girls’ Generation Galaxy Supernova.

B.A.P. ‘Hurricane’

I like the song a lot, but the music video location was what did it for me, because I’m a sucker for Vegas. I’ve been to that town maybe one too many times, and can always reminisce with a fellow Vegas junkie like myself. That place is like no other in the world, and if you’ve been there to party then you most likely know what I’m talking about. But back to the video. Everything was cool until they tried to set the ‘loof’ on fire at the 1:25 mark, and then I couldn’t take this video (or song) seriously anymore. Because seriously, if singers are going to sing in Korean language for 90% of the song, and then switch 10% to English, they had better get that 10% right. And in this one they didn’t.

BigBang ‘Fantastic Baby’

I freaking loved this! This is a popular song, cuz I’ve definitely heard it before around Korea. I’ve even danced to it at one point with Steph out somewhere I’m sure. The music video is solid, but it’s the song that does it for me. I will be adding this one to my personal Kpop playlist, trust me on that one! I could go on and on about this, but sometimes less is more.

Girls’ Generation ‘Galaxy Supernova’

For me, this video was awful. The song is okay, but not that catchy either. One of my favorite female Kpop stars did pop her head in there somewhere, but other than that I could barely even see these women because the camera was so far away. And trust me, in the future I will be watching both male and female Kpop music videos, especially since I like me some beautiful women. I just was so disappointed in this one that I could barely say anything about it in the vlog.

I did add a bonus video to this vlog! ^^ Check it out:

Last week I reviewed EXO specifically, and though only 3 video reviews appeared in the Vlog #1, I actually reviewed and video recorded 4 songs. This one covered EXO’s Mama, which I rather liked!

  • Sel Ma

    Yes yes yes you are right ! looking forward to the next video keep up the good work.. much much love to you and steph from Morocco :)

    • Richard

      And that was your recommendation, too! ^^ Thanks so much for turning me onto BigBang, I’m excited to see more of their videos now!!!

      • Sel Ma

        They are unique indeed !

  • Sel Ma

    Check out 2pm’s come back when you hear this song it’s really interesting !

  • Anna Dybał

    2ne1? “I am the best” (It’s addicting – i hate it first, but now I love it) or something more recently released “Do you love me” or “Falling in love”. :)

    • Richard

      ahh yea 2ne1! ^^ I will check these songs out!!!

  • Kitti Griszbacher

    Seungri’s V.V.I.P. ? I kind of like the Alice in Wonderland style MV and the music… I can’t get it off my head :)

    • Kitti Griszbacher

      And there is BTS’s Bulletproof too

    • Richard

      Alright, Seungri it is then! ;D

      • Kitti Griszbacher

        Hurray :) I can’t wait to hear the new Kpop vlog…

  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    2ne1 Pls .. Thank you :)))