OMG you guyz! I’m gonna be on TV!!! Television in the U.S. that is. ☺ Tuesday, June 3rd 2014 at 7pm in America I’m going to be on the TV show ‘K-style’ on the channel Mnet America. How cool is that?

Mnet America contacted me while my father was visiting funny enough, and asked me to be on an episode of K-style, a show all about Korea fashion. Right now they are airing Season 2, and they wanted to do a full episode all about Korea Dramas! How could I not jump on an opportunity like that?

I was very honored that they thought of me, and I’m really thankful for you guyz watching my videos and supporting me which helped them notice our channel in the first place. Unfortunately, they ended up wanting to film on my busy week. As it was, we shot this episode that’s airing on TV the SAME DAY my father departed from Korea. Talk about busy! They had asked me to do the makeover part as well, but I just wasn’t able to make it work with my schedule.

They had also informed us that initially that we’d be filming the episode in the Coffee Prince coffee shop. I was freaking beside myself when I found that out! That plan actually fell too on the day of the shooting when they found out the owner of the place wasn’t going to allow us the proper amount of time to shoot there. So, I never got to go there, but hoping to make it there sometime soon.

I’d like to thank Sarah one of the main hosts. While she’s no stranger to Korean dramas, and certainly not the Korean entertainment world, I’ve met very few people in real life who enjoying watching Kdramas to the extent that I do. I usually don’t meet people that are as obsessed with them as I am, except for those of us who know each other through the internet of course. I noticed that when she watches dramas, she tends to cue in on the fashion a lot more than I do, and less on the rest of it. I like that she was able to be really confident despite the fact that I knew much more about this topic than she did. I walked out of there wanting to pay more attention to what people are wearing, in dramaland anyways. ;p

I hope that I make the Kstyle viewers who may not be so familiar with Korean dramas a little bit more insight into them. Maybe if the episode is popular and successful enough they’ll have me back on soon. That would be so cool!