There’s something about a Cinderella story. Whether you’re 5 or 55, and if you believe in the fairytale romance or you abhor everything it stands for there’s still something very gripping about it all. A new Japanese drama that started in April but is still being released, it’s one I completely almost overlooked in my long list of spring dramas to look into. But after getting a very detailed request I looked it up and knew I had to review this one.

I admit, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time lately catching up on Japanese dramas that I talked about in my January Japanese Top 5. But as things are generally pretty mellow in the jdrama world as of lately – I’m sorry, I love Jdramas but sometimes to me it seems that went the Kdrama world went big in 2009, the Jdrama world just seemed to fade. This drama, while not exactly the prototypical Jdrama, I think it really has the potential to cross the barrier and get some fan love that might have overlooked them before.

First off, and probably what most people are going to be surprised by in this one is the sex. If you’re a fan of Korean dramas you’ll know that typically it doesn’t happen – heavy kissing, maybe a few bed shots, but Kdrama actresses (especially younger ones) typically don’t want to have that in their records as it can destroy the façade of a smexy glamorous girl who’s completely innocent. Taiwanese dramas tend to go all in in comparison, and while they don’t show a lot of cleavage or any particular body parts, sex scenes and heavy kissing are common between married couples (or one night stands that occur accidently). Jdramas generally don’t show any of this, and the romance is deeply emotional but without the physical side (ex. Papadol where the characters are newlyweds that sleep in different rooms). This one however, gets into it. Mind you, they don’t ever show actual private parts other than Miura Haruma’s ass. But what a nice ass it is! I like that it shows the truth though – the good (Miura), the crazy, the imperfect body, and that sometimes that stuff just don’t work anymore. Nothing to be ashamed of.. You don’t get help if you’re too scared to admit you need it in the first place!

Speaking of which, the relationships. The relationships in this one, while a bit overly dramatic are totally relatable. If you watched my Draw My Life video you know I’ve got two best friends I grew up with back in the US. I dream about being able to get together with besties and having a regular girl’s night. Sometimes you just want to be able to vent to someone who will listen and buy you a beer when you’re done being upset. Which brings me to Fujiki Naohito’s character who I probably know better than the other actors and actresses because I’m a big Hotaru no Hikari fan. What does this man have for choosing roles opposite of himino onna’s? I like him so much in this drama though – he seems younger and more full of life and smiles. Not to mention that his relationship with Shinohara Ryoko’s character is the stuff of girl’s dreams – if they can actually open up their eyes and realize that it’s what they truly have wanted all along. When will these two get together?!?!

Finally, I got to give credit to the creators of this drama for sticking fast to one aspect that I absolutely love about Japanese dramas – the cinematography. In Korean dramas you see a lot of super bright colors and often the same styles of shots repeatedly – not to mention that I’ve seen many of the same sets used over and over again (Full House, That Winter the Wind, etc.) This one really showed off the muted lighting, interesting and unique camera angles, the effects that break things up and the Japanese setting – because truly what’s not to love about Japan?

  • Arsen Igityan

    This made my….month ~~~~

    • hallyuback

      I hoped you would like that ^.^ This recommendation rocked! I’m 6 episodes in and can’t wait to finish it ~ oh the torture of waiting for the next episode!!! >.< ㅋㅋ

      • Arsen Igityan

        You would laugh, but I have “a system” to relieve (a least a little) this torture. I pick up some five dramas ,associate them to the days of week and watch one episode of each drama on corresponding day (ok, when I write this I feel i’m insane). The week passes, and usually new episodes are being released to the next week . LOL

        Oh and really try get into kdramas too, but they still seem a bit boring to me, and they like Earth and Moon with J-dramas. After all, you can ever guess about what will the next J-drama be – a strange housekeeper who would do absolutely everything you tell her, girl who’s solving crimes using weather, techer interpreting symbolic nightmares of little girl… or 35 woman who becomes a student in a high school full of bullying. Always surprising!! ))

        • hallyuback

          I like your method! I think I used to watch dramas that way. Have to give it another shot!

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    I did start watching this drama when it first aired. I got to 3 episodes and haven’t went further yet. Not from not wanting to because I liked it and I started watching it because of Miura Haruma. You don’t know how many times I played the preview of him walking into the party…*sigh* and of course the cute back scene. I just haven’t been able to get back to it but I will definitely catch up with it soon. :)