We are starting a new weekly series everyone! YAYYYYY for new video segments!

In brainstorming ideas for new videos, Richard and I both decided that we are just surrounded by too many items in Korea not to share them with you. By now having both lived here over 5 years, so many products that we use or even simply see we take for granted because life has sort of become normal for us here.. in some ways anyways. But we realized that so many of these items are interesting and could be introduced in videos. So that’s what we’re going to do.

And to make the new segment more attractive for you guyz, we are doing a giveaway in our very first video! If you’d like to win the #smexy Lee Min Ho post-it notes, drop a note in the YouTube comments and write your favorite Lee Min Ho drama moment. It can be anything, so long as it has to do with Lee Min Ho and dramas! That’s enough to win!!!

One more thing: The items we are introducing will also be available in the Hey Eonni online shop for purchase online as well! YAY!! That’s where our T-shirts are available too! ^^ This week the items that were in the video do not exactly match the items in the online shop simply because the post it notes in the video were the last ones available at the shop when we bought them. There are similar items to the ones in the video available if anyone is interested! We will try to make sure in the future that anything we introduce in the future is the same that’s available in the online shop. It’s our first crack at this, you guyz can cut us some slack, right? ☺

Oh, and if you know of a specific Korean product you’d like me to cover and make available for purchase online drop a note in the comments!