The Korean drama world was rocked the other day when official news broke that Lee Min Ho and Suzy began dating. Many of you took to Snap Chat to ask me reaction.

It is a bit of a shock, and honestly I’m stoked for them. I’m not really that interested in what Lee Min Ho chooses to do (other than when when he decides to star in a drama of course!), but gotta say I sure hope he’s happy. Suzy seems to be a great person and I hope she’s happy too.

I do think it’s wonderful that they are allowed to date publicly. This always seems to be an with Korean celebrities and in particular Kpop stars. Contracts they sign don’t always allow it. So, this seems to be a (sort of) big step forward to big time Korean celebrities setting a new precedent. It’s a good thing for the country I think.

What’s your reaction to all this? Are you happy? A bit sad? Do you think it will affect their star power or Korea’s star power in any way? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Drama Watching everyone! :)

  • Maria Giovanopoulou

    of course i am happy for them i also dont care what they doing , having
    or not having a relationship. i also interesting on lee min ho work
    and nothing else its his life and he can do whatever he wants but then
    again we are taliking about korea………………….. i really cant
    understand their reaction

  • Oumz

    I really can’t understand why people are sooo over-reacting!

    2 popular idols are dating … So what? Why all those harmfull comments? It is normal, they are humans too they have their own personal lives !!

    Maybe, it is shocking… people don’t get how they come to date each other because they have never worked together but well he felt something for her and of course she can’t say No to one of the incredibly handsome actors in Korea ! Like pleaaaase is there any woman on earth that will say NOOOOO to a gominam like Lee Min Ho ?

  • RV Pilipinas

    Suzy is just too young and not so good looking for Lee Min Ho! The news hurts me … i dont know…i want to cry…

  • Analyn Marasigan

    i dont think their age has something to do with what they both feel, they’ll look good together… and am sure they are happy together too….

  • Plsherratt

    Here’s the thing…..he hasn’t served in the military yet. Actors, Koop stars, models……they tend to not be serious about marriage until their 2 yrs are served. Jus sayin

  • Nayzy_x

    I’m so happy for Suzy and Min Ho my two favourite kpop star all the best guys hurry up and get married now LOL 💍👰👏👍