I’m sure there are some of you out there, okay A LOT of you that are disappointed that Lee Min Ho isn’t making a drama this year. But that’s because he’s decided to pursue the next level of his acting career: the movie industry.

It’s a movie, so it probably has a higher paycheck. There’s also a difference between movie stars and television stars. I don’t blame him. It is the next step that he should be taking in his career. Considering he is going to have to go to the military in the next several years, it’s probably better he does something like this before he goes to the military rather than after.

It looks like a much grittier role that he has ever taken on before.

Lee Min Ho has won the hearts of drama netizens around the world for being (for lack of a better set of words) pretty and handsome at the same time. A flower boy if you will. The reality is he’s getting to the age where he can’t high school roles anymore. So it’s time that he starts taking some more manly, adult roles. In that sense, it seems like this is the right move for him.

Not to mention and no offense you major LMH fans, but I would really like to see him prove the extent of his acting chops. There’s a reason why I adore So Ji Sub and Gong Yoo and other veteran actors, and that’s because they’ve proved that they can act. He has a real opportunity to demonstrate this in Gangnam 1970.

I explained a lot of the history of Korea leading up to why they made this movie in the preview video I put together so if you’re reading this be sure to also watch that. ☺ I sure hope this movie turns out to be a blockbuster because I will definitely be checking it out while it’s on the big screen in Korea. Anyone want to join me?

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  • AMPP

    I’m actually looking forward to watching this movie Gangnam 1970 because of Kim Rae Won.

  • kdramafan

    I can’t wait to watch this movie. Let’s go Lee Min Ho

  • Arthea Emory

    not only poor, but po. so poor they couldn’t afford the ‘or’. LOL! This does look interesting and a far cry from any other role i’ve seen him in. hopefully he does it some justice.

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!