This drama made me smile. I don’t know what I love more – that there was a 1970’s time period or that it starred Jang Geun Seok as 2 different characters. Combine these two with finally realizing the true importance of yellow umbrellas in Korean romantic dramas and this drama to me will always be memorable.
I’ve seen some things on the net talking about how this drama isn’t that good – and that Yoona can’t act but I disagree. Regardless of her true acting ability, the character that was written for her was a bit depthless and more just the “nice and pretty girl” character. The roles couldn’t make out what she wanted in life – either as the character in the 1970’s or as her own modern day daughter and every time things would go sour she’d run away. While I know this reflects on public opinion I’m not going to completely judge her just because of this one role (I haven’t seen her other works). JGS was a different ballgame altogether. He carried this show – somewhat singlehandedly.

Maybe I’m a bit biased but can I just say I In the historical part of the drama he had definite appeal in his bellbottom pants – despite having a terrible Beatles haircut. In the modern era he was super smexy as a photographer and owned the kissing scenes making them totally memorable.
Overall this one had it’s dry moments – where I wanted to skip ahead to the next memorable scene. BUT, those here and there scenes definitely captured my attention and for a sappy romantic drama I’m sold.

  • akf4zr

    i absolutely love this drama too! and not just because I’m in love with jang geun suk though that is one major reason 😛 the 1970s time was so subtly sweet and tragic at the same time and then the modern day version was so so good. I loved the character of seo joon !! and though its true that not much acting was required of yoona esp for the 1970s role but as Hana she definetely gave her all for the character. I wish people would just watch the drama first instead of labeling it as bad just because its ratings wernt high enough. even you’re beautiful had low ratings but can you beat the manic popularity that surrounds it? think about it