A Korean drama that I started just watching on a whim, this one is blowing me away. Like seriously, I’m absolutely shocked and I can’t stop watching. I even just said to Richard that we need to watch this one because he may actually like it – it is nothing like any other Korean drama that I’ve seen before. The story of 4 couples who live together (mostly instead of getting married) it’s certainly touching on some very taboo topics in Korean society and not mincing about it at all. Warning, if you’re a young person or sensitive to poop jokes, sex jokes, homophobic nuances and the like then this is certainly not a drama for you. However, if you like a comedy that pushes the boundaries, then this one is one to check out!

Yesterday’s Korean Drama Video – School 2015 New Korean Drama!

  • Ray Labarbera

    I’ll check it out, but I really could do without the homophobia.