Koh Samui, Thailand had to be one of the coolest places we visited while on our honeymoon. It really does have everything: beautiful beaches, lots of things to see and do, reasonable accommodation, night life and.. great food!

This was our 3rd destination out of 4 places we visited on the trip. We arrived on the island by boat at about dusk on a Tuesday evening, and not only had no reservations made, but had actually done very little research about the place. Luckily, ten years ago my husband had visited there once before, so we were not feeling completely helpless. Never the less, it was a bit overwhelming arriving and being stormed by taxi drivers on the pier about where we needed to go when we had no idea whatsoever. Solution? Head to the open air market right by the pier to sit down and catch our breath before making any serious decisions on where to stay.

Samui has many areas on the island with beautiful beaches, which makes deciding on where to go and stay a little bit more intimidating. And, compared with other places we visited like Koh Lanta, one can easily see that Samui has been developed for a longer period of time, making more amenities available to tourists, and making it a bit obvious that tourism is the main economy there.

While at the open air market, my husband chatted with a taxi and driver, and found out that Lamai beach seemed most like what we were looking for. Thus, we decided on trying to find a hotel in Lamai Beach. Not too expensive and not too cheap, and also having a friendly beach atmosphere seemed like exactly what we were looking for. So, we hired a taxi driver for 400 Baht, and we on our way.

The first place he dropped us off at was a hotel with bungalows on the sand, but was on the edge of the beach town and we ended up not choosing that place. We started walking towards the main area of town (also on the beach) but it took us about a 15 min. walk to get there. Looking back, we were really pleased we didn’t choose that first place. We ended up checking out Lamoon Lamai, a guesthouse right in town on Lamai beach, but the man immediately told Rick that the place was fully booked. Since Rick is sociable, he inquired about hotels in the rest of town and while they were talking then man admitted they did in fact have one open room left but didn’t offer it right away because it had a kitchen and was a little bit more expensive. He showed it to us, and we were instantly sold. It had all brand new facilities, and air conditioning- a first for us on the trip!

We stayed 4 nights and loved it there. We made friends with a couple staying next to us, the man being American and the his girlfriend being from Taiwan. What a combination!!! We also at the Jamin Café 3 days in a row for lunch, and made our lunchtime video vlog of it the 3rd day.

We loved our time in Koh Samui and really hope to return there one day. ^.^