Wow this drama is pretty unforgettable. By that I mean that I watched it about a month ago and then just prepared the TOAD review on it over the weekend. I’ll admit, it was a back-up drama to review. Frankly, things have been such a whirlwind this last leg of our trip to the US that there hasn’t really been time to watch and focus on other dramas as much as I would like.. I’m too busy trying to squeeze every last stinking moment I have with people!


I think the poignant thing about this drama for me at this point in time is just the incredibly moving scene between the dad and daughter where they’re chasing him down and he has to part with his little girl in the woods so that she can live on safely and he can try to make a run and live for their sake. This scene makes me cry right now if I think about it too much just because of the fact that I too will all too shortly have to say goodbye to my daddy and make the trek back to the land that has totally captured my heart – South Korea (or what I like to call SoKo).

I know that this drama is done airing now and while last summer I sat car-less in my dad’s house with a broken foot (long story) and thus had a lot of time to watch and immerse myself in dramaland this trip has not been the same and while I’m glad to have so many great friends and family to travel and stay with, I’m ready for next semester and getting fully back into throwing all of my focus on HallyuBack. I will say though that it’s been a great summer for brainstorming and we’ve got some exiting new changes coming your way! So for now, happy drama watching guys! ^o^